Axial SCX10 II AR44 Front & Rear Hi Clearance Axles With Steering Linkage Hexes

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$ 179.99

These axles were removed from a brand new axial scx10 II rtr truck AX90047.

Part's included:

  • Axial SCX10 II AR44 front & rear complete axles
  • Steering linkage with panhard linkage
  • (4) 12mm hexes
  • (4) Wheel nuts
  • Mounting hardware

AR44 Axle features:

  • High pinion gears for added ground clearance & better driveshaft angles
  • The high pinion design allows increased gear surface contact for increased durability
  • Larger load bearings used around the gear set to reduce flex and create a stronger drivetrain
  • Single piece axle housing for added strenghth
  • 1-piece all-metal locker front and rear
  • Small pumpkin for increased clearance and a more realistic, scale look
  • Bolt on link mounts
  • Knuckle carriers and straight axle adapters have a better mounting system with 10 degree increment adjustments
  • Optimized gear ratio - 3.75 compared to 2.92 previously. This reduces torque twist typically seen with other small pumpkin axle designs

You will receive these axles fully assembled as shown.