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Hobbywing 1/10 Brushed Waterproof ESC HW-WP-1040

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Hobbywing 1/10 Brushed Waterproof ESC


Maximum continuous current: 40A

Maximum burst current: 180A

Input: 2-3S LiPO***, 5-9 cell NiCD/NiMH***Motor limit (2S LiPO, 5-6 cell NiCD/NiMH): 540/550 size, 12TMotor limit (3S LiPO, 7-9 cell NiCD/NiMH): 540/550 size, 18TResistance:

Forward 0.002ohm, Reverse 0.004ohmBEC: 2A/6V constant

Dimensions: 46.5*34*28.5mm

Weight: 65g***

Only 2S LiPO or 6-7 cell NiMH/NiCD battery packs are recommended for Redcat Racing vehicles that use this ESC.  Using more voltage than what we recommend will void all warranties and is at your own risk***Same as 03018Same as b7003w