RC4WD Trail Finder 2 TF2 540 Brushed Crawler 45T Motor & 14T 32P Pinion Z-E0004


$ 15.99 
SKU: Rc4wd2

This motor was removed from a brand new rc4wd trail finder 2 rtr truck.
Mounting screws and 14t 32p pinion are included.

  • Custom made 540 Steel Case
  • Chrome Plated Case
  • Build in capacitor for minimizing glith
  • High torque magnet and rotor
  • Small footprint (50mm long)
  • Tuned for Rock Climbing and Scale Driving
  • Polished Bushings
  • Body OD: 1.39in / 35.5mm
  • Output Shaft Length: 0.43in / 11mm
  • Output Shaft: 0.12in / 3.1mm

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