Redcat Racing Gen8 International Scout II 1/10 Scale Crawler Orange Pre-Order 2nd Shipment

$ 299.99

We are now excepting Pre-Orders for the Second shipment due late January/early February.

Q: When will the Gen8 be available?
A: First deliveries will begin very late December 2018 or early to mid January and quantities will be limited for a period of time. Delivery dates depend on ocean shipments and delays that may occur due to the holidays. Orders will ship as soon as they are in stock. 

Q: Why is the Gen8 being announced 2 months in advance of availability?
A: The Gen8 was previewed at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas on October 30th and we were aware that pictures and other information would leak so we felt it was best to share the information with the world early.

Q: How much will the Gen8 cost?
A: $299.99

Q: Will Redcat offer clear Scout II bodies?
A: Yes, a clear body which will include window masks & sticker sheet will be available soon after the launch of the Gen8.

Q: When will hop-ups be available?
A: A full line of hop-ups including aluminum parts, heavy duty steel driveshaft’s and more are currently in development and we expect other companies to start making Gen8 hop-ups as well.